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Friday, 30 July 2021

You Will Cross Over - Unoyambuka Chete!

Congratulations! You have come this far!

... and as we anticipate experiencing another powerful Tiyambuke 2021 Conference. The LORD just impressed upon our hearts to encourage you with a word. The word that he impressed upon us is to assure you that YOU WILL CROSS OVER!

If you are reading this TEXT - then you are the one the LORD is directly speaking to.

- You will cross over that challenge.
- You will cross over that giant.
- You will cross over that sickness and disease.
- You will cross over every family curse.

No matter the Egyptian or Demonic attack in your way, you will CROSSOVER!

The LORD spoke to Bishop Pride Sibiya to hold the Annual Crossover Conference now dubbed Tiyambuke. The annual conference has now been running since 2001 and it has matured to be one of the biggest conferences in Zimbabwe.
You Will Cross Over - Unoyambuka Chete!
You Will Cross Over - Unoyambuka Chete!

The name Tiyambuke meaning, Let Us Cross Over speaks volumes of its aim. Drawing from the Biblical Exodus, it aims to take people from the figurative Egypt of ignorance, sin, sickness, demonic bondage, poverty into a Canaan of knowledge, the love and fear of God, health and well-being, emancipation and divine prosperity.

It is with this background in mind that we are persuaded that according to God’s word and promise in 2021 you will CrossOver!

We want to thank God for your life and for making you and your wonderful families overcome this PANDEMIC. It is not by your might, power, or even wisdom, BUT it is by the spirit of God.

As we speak now, many are in a very bad state. Some are in bed sick and crying for healing and restoration. Many great people have died through various means that we cannot imagine.

Are you better than them?

Whether you like it or not, we are all living by the power of God’s mercy and forgiveness.

From US – Bishop Pride and Pastor Anna Sibiya, we wish you fulfilment and fruitfulness, in the name of Jesus.

We will continue to serve you better as servants of God.

Kindly remember to Sponsor, Partner and Donate for our ministry to stay and continue to serve you even better. God loves a cheerful giver!

We Love You!

Bishop P. and Pastor A. Sibiya.

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