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Friday, 30 August 2019

Money Is The Engine That Drives The Seven Mountains Of Influence says Doctor Sacrifice Chirisa (1)

Tiyambuke Notes:  (Day 5 Morning Session) Word By Doctor Sacrifice Charisa
Title: Entrepreneurship
Scripture: Proverbs 14:14

The bible says I will bless the works of your hands so if your hands are not working there is no blessing. Every man and every family needs to be doing something.

A lot of money comes when you put your money into many projects. You need to start investing in the mountain that you are called to possess.

Idea Generation!

How To Generate A Business Idea:

1. Observe and list the problems of the people around you.

See opportunities where there is a problem because your money is where you solve a problem. Go in your area and see the problems that people are having. The most common problem is the one you are supposed to solve first.

2. Brainstorm.

3. Skill search: You can create a business around your skill. Instead of going to a formal school you can go to a practical school and start your business from what you have learnt. Using your talent is good but some talents vanish with time, so you need to acquire skills as a part of generating income.
Doctor Sacrifiice Chirisa

4. Partner with people with ideas: If you have money you can partner with those having no money but ideas. Take time to visit the trade fair and generate ideas. The problem is that we were told not to copy but you have to copy what is good. It is good to copy and succeed than to be original and fail.

How to select an idea: Your brain is a tool that God gave you to generate success. When you do not use your brain you are blocking your life. Your brain knows you and all your memories since you were a year old, that’s why if hypnosis is done on you can tell things that happened way back. Your mind is not what you know right now.

What you know now is called your conscience.

There is another part of the mind called the unconscious mind and using the eye back theory we can say that what do not know is more than what you know. When you use your brains they will pull you towards you are gifted to do and what you are going to succeed in. Great people in the bible were great thinkers for instant Daniel.

The brainstorming method: There is no room for you to understand something that you have not read. Read content that adds value on you.

When you are doing the brainstorming exercise think widely and wildly and this is called divergent thinking.

If you are working your first business must replace your salary, because it is evil to depend on one salary. Having one source of income means you are one event away for praying for a job with tarrying answers because God will not bless foolishness. If you have one source of income-you are foolish.

So the first thing to do is to replace your income by finding what you can do to that surpasses it. Whenever you question your mind you will get answers because your mind has been designed to give answers that are in tune with you.

You are not authorised to get answers if you do not ask questions.

So you need to ask your brain a question and when you do so you must get 20 answers. If your brain does not give you 20 ideas then you are lazy to think. The first port of call when you are starting a business is to replace your salary. You can never think above your salary because your mind will never think above your hierarchy of needs.

You can never think millions when you are struggling with rent. You need to solve the basic issues of life until you can think of something that is high.

After you finish divergent thinking you need to move to what we call convergent thinking. In this, you goggle and research how others are making money. Go around shops and investigate how you can make money.

From the 20 ideas get the top ten of those that you can do. Analyse wisely. From the top ten, you screen again to select the top 5.

Every idea on top 5 you investigate the cost, the source, the area, the competition, the market, the legality and so on and discover how others are doing it. The law of business is that you never invest until you investigate.

The first law of business is that you never lose money and the second is that remember never to lose money. After investigating you then select the top two, one that is practical that you can start now and the other one should be on standby that when you finally get money you then invest in it and grow it.

After choosing your top 2never waste your time on things that are not in your top 2.

Your future is in what is in your hands, God will never request something that is not in your hands. Flow in the direction of your favour.

Do not invest but rather copy. There are two types of copying namely the blood ocean strategy and the red ocean strategy. Most people when they start businesses they use the red ocean strategy. In the red ocean, there is so much competition and the battle for survival.

It is bloody because everyone is doing it. The blue ocean strategy is when you start something new that has little or no competition. When you start your two businesses you need to get obsessed and familiar with it. Talk about your ideas and stay at the top of your idea.

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After all these you need to work hard, be time conscious and never rest till you have money.

When you focus on those two things that become your focus. (Proverbs 11: 1b) says the righteous are delivered by knowledge. So you get delivered when you get knowledge.

Your situation is not difficult all you need is your axe which is your mind to be sharpened!
Doctor Sacrifiice Chirisa
Doctor Sacrifiice Chirisa
Doctor Sacrifiice Chirisa
Doctor Sacrifiice Chirisa
Doctor Sacrifiice Chirisa
Doctor Sacrifiice Chirisa
Doctor Sacrifiice Chirisa
Doctor Sacrifiice Chirisa
Doctor Sacrifiice Chirisa

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