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Wednesday, 28 August 2019

Exceptionality And Excellence, What Is It Really (#Tiyambuke2019) with Apostle Pride Sibiya

Tiyambuke Day 3: Morning Session 1 by Apostle P Sibiya
Title: What Exceptionality And Excellence Really Is!
Scripture: Psalm 8:1, Daniel 6:3

A mountain is a place of influence, and in order for you to get to the mountain, you need to distinguish yourself through excellence.

Many of us especially servants of God when the anointing of God is upon your life even when you are moving in the street you just feel like everyone knows you and are looking at you. But however let me give you a shocker; I need to remind you that in as much as you think that the world is revolving around you, there are more than four billion people in the world and of the four billion 3.5billion does not even know you.

Many servants of God even think that the devil knows them when he does not even know them, if you read the whole Bible you will find that the devil was concerned about three or so people namely; Daniel, Job and Jesus. He was not even concerned about all the other people because Satan is not omnipresent. Sometimes the devil is not even involved in some of the pity sins that we commit. Many of us arrive too quickly, we think the world knows us and yet many people do not even know you.

So it is important for us to know that in order for us to make an impact we should distinguish ourselves through excellence because people are attracted by things that have distinction, different and eye-catching.

Some of us are pastors and so on and wonder why people are not coming to church, sometimes is because of our level of exceptionality and excellence. Nowadays people are not only coming to church for them to go to heaven but they want to know what you can offer to make their lives better. People want to be associated with something that is better than them and can take them to another level.

The church of today now needs people that after casting out demons and performing miracles can add knowledge and value to their lives and businesses. If you are to be called and invited to minister to business people you have to be knowledgeable, it is not all about just reading the word and casting out demons but there is a need for you to also except knowledge.

The word exceptionality means that which is done with a rare kind of uniqueness and peculiarity. Excellence means a level of superiority over the rest. Mostly if you have a church in the low density and you do average things other churches will clap hands for you but that does not mean you have done it all. The bible says Jabez was more honourable than his brothers, in other words, he was a local champion.

When you are here in Chitungwiza and everyone else is cheering you saying you are the best you have to analyze yourself well because you might be first in Chitungwiza and one of the worst in the world. Jabez was number one but in his household. 

Excellence means brilliance, finesse and quality of merit. Sometimes you can be an average person but if you distinguish yourself with excellence you can become a cut above the rest. Sometimes you might not be intelligent but if you put extra effort tables will turn. Even when you are not good you can make yourself good.

Exceptionality needs a lot of effort that is why many people are not exceptional because many people are lazy. Exceptionality is expensive that’s why many people are not exceptional because they don’t want to pay. The standard of the world usually appears as better than the standard of the church because usually, the church does not want to pay and put extra effort. As the church, we must show a level of excellence because the bible says in the book of Isaiah God said in the last days the mountain of the house of the Lord shall be exalted above all the other mountains. 

The church must be the standard of the world but first, we need to change the way you do things.

When every church is starting the poor people are the first to flock to it, but what you do with your people will determine whether the rich will come or not. Do not even despair when poor people are the first to join your church first because the rich will come but based on what you do. If you fail to teach your poor time management the rich will not come because the rich are attracted by orderly things. The poor are needed to move with the gospel but they will not take it to another level because poverty does not pay, you need people that finance the work. 

The gospel is free but to take it to the world resources are needed. So if you are not organized as a church you will remain like that. There are certain churches that look as if they are only meant for the rich people, this is called natural selection because people follow those that look like them. 

How you present yourself and do your things will determine the standard of your church.

Exceptionality does not start with money, do not confuse being exceptional and being rich. Exceptionality starts with how you handle the little things that you have. How you exempt order and cleanliness with the little you have.

Everything that Jesus did was exceptional:

1. At the age of twelve, he astonished the Jewish Rabbis. (Luke 2:46-47) he asked them questions that they could not answer and he answered questions that the elders could not answer.

2. (Luke 24:32) he never spoke as a mere man but spoke things that made their hearts to melt. He was an exceptional speaker.

3. He was exceptional under the anointing when he moved demons would manifest (Mark5:7).

4. (Luke4:40) he healed the incurable diseases what doctors failed to do he would just be the cut above the rest and do what they failed to do.

5. (Luke 19:13) he managed the best transport of the day.

6. (Mark15:24) the way he dressed was exceptional that even the soldiers fought over it

After doing all this Jesus declares that these things that you see me doing even greater shall you do. You need to prophesy over your things and say you dry bones live again and you shall be excellent in all things.

Jesus is the beacon of excellence and the church must follow him because he is the head of the church and we are the body we ought to follow the head!

Apostle Pride Sibiya

Apostle Pride Sibiya

Apostle Pride Sibiya

Apostle Pride Sibiya

What Is It Really (#Tiyambuke2019) with Apostle Pride Sibiya

What Is It Really (#Tiyambuke2019) with Apostle Pride Sibiya

What Is It Really (#Tiyambuke2019) with Apostle Pride Sibiya

What Is It Really (#Tiyambuke2019) with Apostle Pride Sibiya

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