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Deep Talk

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Thursday, 6 September 2018

Prophet Blessing Chiza Teaches On Mastering Money At Tiyambuke 2018

Gallery Of Pictures: Prophet Blessing Chiza Teaches On Mastering Money At Tiyambuke 2018

Introduction To The Book Mastering Money By Dr. Prophet Blessing Chiza: The subject of money has since become a rather debatable one, made so by the rapid growth of the ’love’ of money which is unfortunately not corresponding with the growth of ’an understanding of money."

It is something that many people can obtain if they just master, follow faithfully and indulge in the
principles surrounding money. In this book I strive to unveil the truth that has been buried underground and hidden from the sight of mankind, the truth that will set many free from the
bondage of worshiping money.

Money is not meant. to be worshiped but only God who is its Creator.‘I have touched deeply
on various topics that many are struggling with, from the root to the very leaves and branches. Topics such as; controlling money, behavioural characteristics of the devourer, saving and investing and does money answer all things? Among many other topics which I am positive Will transform your mindset and perception about money ...!
Prophet Blessing Chiza Teaches On Mastering Money At Tiyambuke 2018
Prophet Blessing Chiza Teaches On Mastering Money At Tiyambuke 2018
Prophet Blessing Chiza Teaches On Mastering Money At Tiyambuke 2018
Prophet Blessing Chiza Teaches On Mastering Money At Tiyambuke 2018

Prophet Blessing Chiza Teaches On Mastering Money At Tiyambuke 2018

Dr Prophet Blessing Samuel Chiza is a faithful spiritual son of Dr Archbishop Asa Gurupira of Faith in God Ministries International.

Dr Prophet Blessing Samuel Chiza is a pioneering, original and dynamic Prophet of God whose influential ministry is characterised by a sharp prophetic ministry which has touched and caused a stir in nations worldwide. A dynamic, prolific speaker whose name has made a mark in Africa, Asia, America and other parts of the world through his transformative and inspirational preaching. A celebrated mentor with a deep and profound mentorship school for the five fold ministry, he has an accurate and evident prophetic office that is undisputed and true.

Devoted to the gospel of Jesus Christ from a young age and began street and market place evangelism in 1995, passion and selflessnessness has led him to lead a thriving assembly under FIG Ministries International.

He was ordained as a Pastor in 2000 and later ordained as the first Prophet of Faith in God Ministries International. He has planted more than seven assemblies for FIG Ministries International in the following areas: Harare, Bulawayo and Botswana.

Anointed servant of God used mightily in the prophetic, healing and deliverance ministry that has seen people travelling from all over the world.

He is a renowned author with more than twenty books so far, International conference speaker, song writer, playwright having written numerous movies and dramas, President and founder of Exodus TV.

A great theological teacher and Bible College lecturer in Biblical finance and economics. He conducts Fivefold Apostolic Ministry training workshops/conferences that are attended by many leaders from different African nations. Prophet Chiza also hosts the prophetic ministry development conference which is attended by many people with a prophetic ministry or gift and business mentorship classes. He also runs crusades all over Zimbabwe and Botswana that have thousands of people in attendance.

He is an overseer of Southern Province FIG Ministries, overseeing 20 church assemblies and still growing with more than 20 Pastors and lay leaders. (In Zimbabwe, Botswana, Zambia and Namibia, UK)

Dr Prophet Blessing Samuel Chiza’s ministry has been engaged in feeding and clothing many people since 2011 under Operation Hope for the elderly, widows, orphans and the disabled. Every year on his birthday, instead of receiving or expecting gifts, feeds hundreds of elderly people. He has been donating clothes and food to various homes (children, elderly and disabled) for many years.

He has developed more than 15 training and teaching manuals for different church departments being used by Pastors in Zimbabwean churches, namely: music and worship, media and video filming, church cleaning department, ushering ministry, community service, counselling and discipleship, children’s church ministry, church staff workers, leadership, church finance management and administration respectively.

Dr Prophet Blessing Samuel Chiza is married to Prophetess Tatianah Chiza, a devoted and ordained Prophet of God with an accurate prophetic ministry.

A member of Faith in God Ministries Apostolic Council in Zimbabwe. A Megafest international winner of 2015 for the most innovative and best Organisation. A three time National award winner of Operation Nehemiah building financing program.

Was National chair person of FOCUS: Fellowship of Christian Union in Zimbabwe Tertiary Colleges. ( 1995-1998) National Youth Advisor- 1995 1998

Prophet Blessing Chiza Teaches On Mastering Money At Tiyambuke 2018
Prophet Blessing Chiza Teaches On Mastering Money At Tiyambuke 2018

He is a holder of:

- Advanced ( NLTC) Leadership Course in Evangelism and Discipleship – Life Ministries College,

- National Diploma in Accounting - Harare Polytechnic College,

- Advanced Higher Diploma - Pastoral and leadership studies. Harvest House International School of Ministry

- Certificate in Etiquette and Grooming

- Theology and Biblical Studies – Goshen Bible College

He was conferred with an honourary Doctorate Degree in Theology by the African Institute of Theology in conjunction with St. Thomas A-becket University Kent, Canterbury, England.

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