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Deep Talk

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Thursday, 9 August 2018

God's Generals - 7 Ways God's Kingdom Generals Use Conflict!

"If you become someone who can never compromise, you will forfeit opportunities to those who can." ~ John C. Maxwell

The greater your leadership ability the better you will be at using conflict. Low Impact leaders do not use conflict; they either avoid it completely or make it worse by being reactive. High Impact leaders or GOD'S GENERALS understand that conflict can be used to strengthen the team and boost their influence with them.

GOD'S KINGDOM GENERALS use conflict in the following 7 ways:

1. To Earn Respect: Kingdom Generals earn respect by bringing those in conflict together instead of separating them as Low Impact leaders do. Their leadership ability allows them to effectively address and resolve the issue with the team. This naturally elevates the leader’s influence. As a result, there will actually be less conflict in the future. Kingdom Generals intentionally reduce the opportunity for conflict.

2. To Build Trust: The minute a Kingdom General realizes there is a conflict they pause the conversation until all parties are present. By creating an environment where all parties involved in the conflict must be present before discussing an issue, those on the team can trust that there is no “closed door” talk taking place behind their back. This builds trust among the team because everyone knows the leader will do the same for them.

3. To Grow Those In Conflict: By bringing those in conflict together, the leader is getting them out of their comfort zone, which is where all growth happens. The Kingdom Generals creates an environment that allows growth to come from the conflict. The leader enters the conflict and coaches those involved using thought provoking questions that facilitate decision making and problem solving at the source.

4. To Model Leadership: The leader takes advantage of the opportunity to model the ways in which a Kingdom General should deal with conflict. They model the behaviors that lead to resolution such as: calmness, listening, valuing others opinions, and seeking first to understand before being understood.

5. To Coach: The Kingdom Generals does not solve the problem and doesn’t tell those in conflict what to do to resolve the issue. He or she enters the conflict using questions that helps those in conflict find their own answers in a way that allows all parties to buy-in and support the outcome effectively. The goal is to reach a synergistic solution that everyone supports and helped create.

6. To Eliminate Bad Mouthing: When someone blaming or pointing the finger at someone else approaches a Kingdom General to “tell them all about it,” and the leader says, “Wait a minute, let’s have the others join us before we go any farther,” most of the bad mouthing will stop. Most people don’t want to “talk to others.” They want to “talk about others.”Kingdom General will take that option away.

7. To Create Synergy: Kingdom General knows, when there is conflict, there’s always a third alternative. Therefore, the leader will ask those in conflict if they are willing to continue to communicate until they can all agree on a solution. Most often, this is a synergistic solution that no one had thought about before. It doesn’t have to be your way or my way. We can work together to do it a new and better way.

When it comes to conflict, Kingdom Generals turn a negative into a positive. That’s what Kingdom Generals do. They make things better. However, Low Impact leaders, that haven’t done the necessary work on themselves ahead of time, usually make the situation worse.

You can't hold someone back without staying back with them. You also can't lift someone up without going up with them.

Leaders are always making it happen, allowing to happen, or preventing it from happening. If you are not doing one of these three things, someone else is leading. If things are getting better, the leader is responsible. If they are getting worse, the leader is still responsible.  (Leadership Point Extracted From Mack Story, Blue-Collar Leadership®)
God's Generals - 7 Ways God's Kingdom Generals Use Conflict!

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